Wednesday, November 6, 2013

POLAND - Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska

"The wooden churches of southern Little Poland represent outstanding examples of the different aspects of medieval church-building traditions in Roman Catholic culture. Built using the horizontal log technique, common in eastern and northern Europe since the Middle Ages, these churches were sponsored by noble families and became status symbols. They offered an alternative to the stone structures erected in urban centres." -

Postcard 1: Church of St. Philip & St. James


The card above was first sent to me by "bodexs" inside the envelope...
And I got to have the chance to return it to him and asked to mail it stamped.
And he did!
Thank you so much, "bodexs"!

Postcard 2: Archangel Michael Church (Debno)

Thank you so much for sending me this card for our RR, Sylwia!

Postcard 3: Church of St Leonard (Lipinca Murowana)

Thank you so much, Natalie for sharing this postcard with me!
I wish your dream of getting married on this place will come true!
Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

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