Friday, February 26, 2016

MEXICO - Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza

"This sacred site was one of the greatest Mayan centres of the Yucatán peninsula. Throughout its nearly 1,000-year history, different peoples have left their mark on the city. The Maya and Toltec vision of the world and the universe is revealed in their stone monuments and artistic works. The fusion of Mayan construction techniques with new elements from central Mexico make Chichen-Itza one of the most important examples of the Mayan-Toltec civilization in Yucatán. Several buildings have survived, such as the Warriors’ Temple, El Castillo and the circular observatory known as El Caracol." -

Postcard 1

Thank you so much again Cipa for this wonderful view card of Chichen! =)

Postcard 2

The Mayan Observatory at Chichen Itza

I like this card!
Thank you so much for the opportunity of swapping with you, Alejandro... =)

Postcard 3

Chichen Itza is the most famous archeological place in Mexico
but there are many more just in the south part of the country...
There must be hundreds...
And I grew up visiting pyramids quite often...", shares Sam.
Thank you so much, Sam for this wonderful card! =)
I like the stamps too!

Postcard 4

Thank you so much Jean Pierre for this aerial view postcard
showing Chichen Itza!
Building this archaeological site indeed took a lot of hard labor...

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