Monday, February 2, 2015

PHILIPPINES - Baroque Churches of the Philippines

"These four churches, the first of which was built by the Spanish in the late 16th century, are located in Manila, Santa Maria, Paoay and Miag-ao. Their unique architectural style is a reinterpretation of European Baroque by Chinese and Philippine craftsmen." -

Postcard 1.1: Immaculate Conception: District of Intramuros,
City of Manila

Postcard 1.2

Thank you so much Jonathan for this autographed meet-up card!
Wish to be a part of this activity one day... =)

Postcard 1.3

Baroque Church, San Agustin on the lower left photo

Thank you so much Cristina for sending my wish card!
Enjoy postcard collecting as much as I do! =)

Postcard 2.1 : Nuestra Senora: Municipality of Santa Maria,
Province of Ilocos Sur

Postcard 2.2

A postcard from fellow Filipino postcrosser Jonathan
who spent Christmas Day 2014 in Ilocos Region in the Northern part of the country!
Thank you so much for always being so thoughtful, Jonathan!
Wishing you more postcrossing meet-ups during your travels!

Postcard 3.1 : San Agustin: Municipality of Paoay,
Province of Ilocos Norte

Postcard 3.2

Souvenir Photo

13 March 2009 : My family at Paoay Church

Postcard 4.1: Santo Tomas: Municipality of Miag-ao,
Province of Iloilo

Postcard 4.2

Postcard 4.3

Postcard 4.4

Postcard 4.5

Souvenir Photos
When digital camera wasn't existing in our place yet. =)
24 April 2004 : Me and my family at Miag-ao Church in Iloilo.

Taken during my Birthday 2015 with my dearest husband and our 2 cute kids!


JJB Philately said...


ngayon ko lang napansin itong post na ito hahahaha

naghahanap pa ako ng postcard ng Sta. Maria Church para pagpunta ko dun sa December

Jan said...

Hi Jo!

Haha! Wish I could find another card of this Church also... I only have 1 copy of this... Maybe you could find one when you visit it?

And please send me written and stamped! Hihihi!

Thanks Jo...

Enjoy your travels...

Jan =)