Monday, August 18, 2014

USA - Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville

"Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), author of the American Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, was also a talented architect of neoclassical buildings. He designed Monticello (1769–1809), his plantation home, and his ideal 'academical village' (1817–26), which is still the heart of the University of Virginia. Jefferson's use of an architectural vocabulary based upon classical antiquity symbolizes both the aspirations of the new American republic as the inheritor of European tradition and the cultural experimentation that could be expected as the country matured." -

Postcard 1: Monticello

Thank you so much Jen for helping me out with my collection!

Postcard 2: University of Virginia

Thank you so much Fiona for this great postcard with nice stamps! ^-^

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