Friday, October 14, 2016

ITALY - Historic Centre of Naples

"From the Neapolis founded by Greek settlers in 470 B.C. to the city of today, Naples has retained the imprint of the successive cultures that emerged in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. This makes it a unique site, with a wealth of outstanding monuments such as the Church of Santa Chiara and the Castel Nuovo." -

Postcard 1

Thank you so much Claudia who's residing in Napoli,
for sharing with me this wonderful card!
Though the stamps were not postmarked,
I'm so glad having them! My first stamps on fashion! =)

Postcard 2

"The Royal Palace in Napoli", shares Claudia...
Thank you so much Claudia both for the card and the wonderful stamps!

Postcard 3

"This card shows the part of the square in front of the Royal Palace..." says Claudia.
Thanks much, friend...

Postcard 4

"The pale yellow building is the 'GALLERIA UMBERTO 1st'
while the building on the right is the 'TEATRO SAN CARLO' - the oldest
continuously active Opera House in Europe... 
All are included in the UNESCO list " shares Claudia.
Thank you so much Claudia for all the information!
Feels like I've gone to Napoli thru all these cards... =)

Postcard 5

"This is the interior view of the GALLERIA UMBERTO 1st.
The roof is made of iron and glass..." shares Claudia.
Grazie, Claudia!

Postcard 6

Postcard 7

Thank you so much for the postcards 6 & 7, Jean Pierre!

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