Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SLOVAKIA - Levoča, Spišský Hrad and the Associated Cultural Monuments

"Spišský Hrad has one of the largest ensembles of 13th and 14th century military, political and religious buildings in eastern Europe, and its Romanesque and Gothic architecture has remained remarkably intact.

The extended site features the addition of the historic town-centre of Levoča founded in the 13th and 14th centuries within fortifications. Most of the site has been preserved and it includes the 14th century church of St James with its ten alters of the 15th and 16th centuries, a remarkable collection of polychrome works in the Late Gothic style, including an 18.6 metre high alterpiece by completed around 1510 by Master Paul." -

Postcard 1: Levoča, wooden postcard of St. James Church
and Levoča old Town Hall

My very first postcard made of wood!
And it's a UNESCO postcard!
Double happiness to receive this in almost excellent condition!
Thank you so much dear Zuzana for this Christmas present!

Postcard 2: Levoča, Main Altar of St. James Church

This is a view of the inside of the St. James Church with the famous altar of Master Paul --- it's made of wood...", shares Zuzana.
Thank you so much Zuzana for sharing this wonderful postcard with me!
By the way, wikipedia says it's the HIGHEST WOODEN ALTAR in the WORLD!
It must really be amazing! ^-^

Postcard 3: Levoča, single view
Thank you so much Zuzana for being so generous of sharing with me this card!

Postcard 4: Levoča, multi-view
"St. James Church has a unique character with its 11 Gothic and Renaissance altars", shares Natasa.
 Thank you so much for this great card, Natasa!

Postcard 5: Levoča, multi-view
Thank you so much again Zuzana for not getting tired of sending me wonderful
UNESCO cards of your country!

Postcard 6: Spišský Hrad
Great view of Spiš Castle.
Thank you so much Zuzana for helping me out with my collection!
This one is my first UNESCO card from your country... =)

Postcard 7: Spišský Hrad
Thank you so much Antonia for sharing with me this beautiful card! =)

Postcard 8: Spišský Hrad
Thank you so much Zuzana for this nice postcard with a UNESCO stamp! =)
Now, I know what's inside these buildings thru this postcard... =)

Postcard 9: Spišský Hrad
Thank you so much Zuzana for always remembering me by sending
UNESCO cards!

Postcard 10: Associated Cultural Monuments
 Thank you so much Zuzana for always helping me out with my UNESCO collection!

Postcard 11: Multi View

Another great multi-view postcard from dear Zuzana.
Thank you so much my friend! =)

Postcard 12: Multi View

Thank you so much Katarina for this wonderful oval-shaped UNESCO card!

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