Saturday, April 20, 2013

UNESCO WHS Postcards for Trade : Other Countries

 Postcard 1 : Historic Centre of Brugge, BELGIUM

Postcard 2Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo, BULGARIA

 Postcard 3: Angkor, CAMBODIA

 Postcard 4: Angkor, Cambodia

 Postcard 5: Angkor, Cambodia

Postcard 6: Historic Centre of Macao, CHINA

 Postcard 7: Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, CZECH REPUBLICI

Postcard 8: Historic Centre of Avignon: Papal Palace,
Episcopal Ensemble, and Avignon Bridge, FRANCE

Postcard 9: Arles, Roman and Romanesque Monuments, FRANCE

Postcard 10: Pyrénées - Mont Perdu, FRANCE

Postcard 11: Medieval City of Rhodes, GREECE

Postcard 12: Medieval City of Rhodes, GREECE

Postcard 13: Lorentz National Park, INDONESIA

Postcard 14: Masada, ISRAEL

Postcard 15Archaeological Area and the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia, ITALY

Postcard 16Longobards in Italy. Places of Power, ITALY

Postcard 17Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor, MONTENEGRO

Postcard 18: Ensemble of the Ferrapontov Monastery, RUSSIA

Postcard 19: Curonian Spit, RUSSIA

Postcard 20: Uvs Nuur Basin, RUSSIA

 Postcard 21Struve Geodetic Arc, RUSSIA

Postcard 22Lena Pillars Nature Park, RUSSIA

Postcard 23: San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano, SAN MARINO

Postcard 24: San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano, SAN MARINO

 Postcard 25: Royal Domain of Drottningholm, SWEDEN

Postcard 26: La Chaux-de-Fonds, SWITZERLAND

Postcard 27: Ayutthaya, THAILAND

Postcard 28: Amphitheatre of El Jem, TUNISIA

Postcard 29: TURKEY Multi-view

Postcard 30: TURKEY Multi-view

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