Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BAHRAIN - Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy

"The site consists of seventeen buildings in Muharraq City, three offshore oyster beds, part of the seashore and the Qal’at Bu Mahir fortress on the southern tip of Muharraq Island, from where boats used to set off for the oyster beds. The listed buildings include residences of wealthy merchants, shops, storehouses and a mosque. The site is the last remaining complete example of the cultural tradition of pearling and the wealth it generated at a time when the trade dominated the Gulf economy (2nd century to the 1930s, when Japan developed cultured pearls). It also constitutes an outstanding example of traditional utilization of the sea’s resources and human interaction with the environment, which shaped both the economy and the cultural identity of the island’s society." -

Thank you so so much to Kuya Edwin  for completing my UNESCO postcards from Bahrain! You made me very happy to have this! ^-^
May your generosity be returned to you a thousand-fold!
He shared, "This building is the Ancestral House of the King of Bahrain..."

By the way, Kuya Edwin has an amazing Postcard Collection.
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