Thursday, June 4, 2015

THAILAND - Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

"Ban Chiang is considered the most important prehistoric settlement so far discovered in South-East Asia. It marks an important stage in human cultural, social and technological evolution. The site presents the earliest evidence of farming in the region and of the manufacture and use of metals." -

Million thanks, Jindarat for sending this very rare UNESCO card!
I so like the stamps too!
Enjoy postcards collecting!


Bridget Larsen said...

Its amazing how many postcards are made all around the world. You have some great postcards on your blog, I love looking at them all. I have started a meme where you can link your blog to my Postcard a day, if you wish to play along and have people from all over the world look at your beautiful postcards.
All the best from Australia

Jan said...

Just saw your post, Bridget...
Thanks for dropping by on my blog!
I also checked your blog... :)
Best regards!