Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SLOVAKIA - Wooden Churches of the Slovak part of the Carpathian Mountain Area

"The Wooden Churches of the Slovak part of Carpathian Mountain Area inscribed on the World Heritage List consist of two Roman Catholic, three Protestant and three Greek Orthodox churches built between the 16th and 18th centuries. The property presents good examples of a rich local tradition of religious architecture, marked by the meeting of Latin and Byzantine cultures. The edifices exhibit some typological variations in their floor plans, interior spaces and external appearance due to their respective religious practices. They bear testimony to the development of major architectural and artistic trends during the period of construction and to their interpretation and adaptation to a specific geographical and cultural context. Interiors are decorated with paintings on the walls and ceilings and other works of art that enrich the cultural significance of the properties." -

Insigned are the following 8 wooden churches:

Greek catholic churches:
1. In Ruská Bystrá
2. In Ladomírová
3. In Bodružala

Roman catholic churches:
4. In Tvrdošíná
5. In Hervartova pri Bardejove

Evangelical churches:
6. In Kežmarok
7. In Hronsek
8. In Leštiny

Postcard 1: Kežmarok (lower right side pic)
Thank you so much Zuzana for always sending me beautiful UNESCO cards
and for using nice stamps as well!

Postcard 2: Kežmarok, multi-view, interior

Another surprise card from Zuzana....
Thank you so much, my dear!

Postcard 3: Hervartov (1st pic)
Another nice card from Zuzana...
Thank you so much my friend... =)

Postcard 4: Hronsek

Zuzana just visited this UNESCO Church and she thought of sending this postcard to me!
Thank you so much, sweet Zuzana!
Enjoy your travels!

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